director; animator

small animations which is shot claps I did during after work time 2016

2015 animation

showreel 2015

teamproject Indian queen with ENO

Father with Dog they all on my sketch book and one day I just want they on the screen so I did this one for my father. Aug 2014

CUT! for the Old Operating Theatre


Greenscreen and with the animal Feb 2014

Animal run Feb 2014

bike animation

Box project Feb 2014

mon’s food

Mother’s birthday May 2012

Reward list:

2014 /3 21th Student Film Festival original film contest finalists

2013 /5 ASIAGRAPH winning entries

2013 /5 Beijing Film Academy Academy Award Finalist

2012 /12 Bei jin Students(College) Silver Cup third cartoon contest

2012 /10 Chinese youth micro-film contest finalists